Long Branch Saloon; Gonzales, Texas
Comfortably Historic
In case you forgot to pick up your souvenir, please email us for details on how you can get it here and have us ship it to you.   
  1. Unisex T-Shirt $15
    Unisex T-Shirt $15
    + tax and shipping Current sizes (more sizes to be added soon) Small Medium Large X-Large
  2. Long Branch Saloon Koozie $1
    Long Branch Saloon Koozie $1
    +tax and shipping Keep your beer cold while you're floating on the river with a Long Branch Saloon Kooze - makes a great stocking stuffer.
  3. Jolene, You're Not a Monster $10
    Jolene, You're Not a Monster $10
    Novel by owner Karen Jacobs aka Kacy Jey + tax and shipping. Include a note if you'd like the book signed. Books are also available in the Saloon for purchase and author signing. Jolene’s lived for twenty-one years without ever having ridden a bike or swung on a swing. She’s never had a first date, gone to school or a prom. Scientists working for the military created her. She’s one of Military Intelligence’s most valuable assets, but one of those scientists believes she’s a monster, too dangerous to exist. He’ll do anything to fix his mistake and terminate the experiment, Jolene. When he nearly succeeds in Afghanistan, Jolene is forced to break all the rules and escape. Running in a world she’s only experienced in training and on missions, hunted by the military and the CIA, she’ll have to embrace the monster she was created to be if she is to survive. Jolene, You’re Not a Monster is a thrilling, action-packed, emotional ride as a creation tries to be a good person.